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Real Estate Agents

Dealing with real estate agents can be a pain. It can be time consuming, and worst of all, the buyers can back our unexpectedly when you are about to close and you are left with a huge burden. You have to deal with showings, cleaning your home, repairs and much more! You also are bound to what the buyers want and when they want to close.


Win Win Home Buyers works with YOU.


Once you accept an offer with a realtor, you then have to go through inspections. That could drop your price significantly and also they can make you do the repairs during their option period, in which the buyer can back out at ANYTIME.


We will not make yo do repairs, we buy homes AS IS in any condition so you don’t have to worry about this. You will also have to stage your home, so if your home doesn’t have “staging” furniture, you may need to go out and buy staging furniture for your home, just to sell it! Most buyers are also buying through a lender, and sometimes the lender won’t approve the loan.


We will buy your home CASH! Let us get you your cash offer so you can walk away and not have to deal with real estate agents.

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